Why is monitoring Status Pages important?

When building a product, there are rarely times when you don’t rely on a third party dependency for something. Whether it be an AI API, a managed database solution, a cloud provider, or something else, products rarely stand on their own. But what happens when one of these dependenies goes down? These external third party dependencies are as important as your first party infrastructure, and so you should monitor them accordingly with Alerty’s Status Page monitor.

inventory status pages

What is a Status Page?

A Status Page is a web page where a software or service provider shares the current status of their software or service. If the service is experiencing issues or degraded performance, the status page is where users go to stay up to date.

How do I monitor a Status Page?

In your Alerty inventory, Status Pages are available to add as a Resource.

inventory status pages

Add one or more Status Page to your inventory and Alerty will begin monitoring it automatically!

When any monitored Status Page indicates a service disruption or incident, Alerty will send you an alert.